Broadening Visibility and Improving Liquidity for Client Companies

Vision Advisors is an executive advisory consultancy that works with micro and small-cap public companies. Our primary objectives are to increase our client company's visibility to both institutional and retail investors and to improve shareholder liquidity by creating demand for the company's securities. We identify the appropriate investors within our extensive network of brokers, bankers, research analysts and media contacts in the investment community. We also present client companies to targeted, high net worth accredited investors who are seeking to invest in specific industry sectors.

Additionally, we assist client companies by carefully analyzing their capital structure and then developing a strategy that will provide the proper financing for them to execute their business plans. By utilizing our extensive network of strategic relationships with investment banks, ranging from bulge bracket firms to regional and specialty boutiques, we help provide the best fit of capital and experience for our clients.

We measure our success by our clients' success.